Open letter to UK Vice Chancellor’s, UUK and UKRI: Help academics take serious action on climate and ecological restoration: Current signatories: 1020. Read and sign here.

The Real Work Starts Now is a new initiative for scientists, academics, and volunteers seeking to make a direct impact on climate change, adaptation and ecological restoration right now

Through fellowships, placements and volunteering we will bring together universities, industry and NGOs to the join the major work of transition to global sustainability.

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Lobbying UK universities, UUK and UKRI to support academics and students to become volunteers for climate mitigation, adaptation and ecological restoration. Read our open letter.

Renewable Raspberries

We propose the creation of ultra low cost solar and wind turbine kit that can be linked to a Rasberry Pi or other devices to teach basic solar and wind power construction in schools and universities.

Global Climate Citizen Service

We are scoping out the potential for a global citizen service. This is an attempt to scale the leadership work done by academics and students to anyone to help avert the crisis. We want to support existing efforts and countries that have national service with new options.

“We cannot be radical enough in dealing with these issues"

Sir David Attenborough