Announcing our open letter to Vice-chancellors, UUK and UKRI asking for more action on climate. Over 800 have signed so far.

Read the letter here and sign the Google Doc if you wish, or email:

Calling on scientists, engineers, data experts and volunteers of all ages: we need you.

The work starts now – the transition to a sustainable world

Transition Lab was created so anyone can directly address climate change and ecological collapse in the absence of adequate national or international government policy. With modern communication technology we will organise millions of volunteers to support the important work that must begin immediately. We invite you to read our values and join us in one of our projects.


Our Mission: To create a voluntary project on the scale of CERN or the International Space Station

Transition Lab’s core mission is to place a range of people – willing scientists, engineers, highly skilled people and volunteers – directly with projects seeking to mitigate climate change, ecosystem collapse and climate change adaptation. We hope that highly trained experts will take paid or unpaid leave, take a sabbatical, take up fellowships or simply show up help to address this urgent crisis.

This work can happen independently with our own planned projects or with existing NGOs projects, corporations, local authorities, communities or any organisation that has declared a climate emergency (Like the Welsh, Irish and Scottish governments). Our first task is to gain the support of universities and research councils in the UK and around the world.


Our Plans

Phase 1: Immediate objectives

•  Lobby Universities UK to declare a climate emergency and support academics and students willing to work on solutions.

•  Find technology partnerships to implement the placement/fellowship initiative with universities and a Global Citizen Service.

•  Form our core working groups (ecological restoration, climate change mitigation, climate change adaptation, renewable energy scaling, electric transport scaling, economic transition, curriculum/action lessons).

•  Fundraising to support our initiatives and support volunteers.


Creating solutions that can scale

The Lab will also host and support scientists and academics to research and generate practical solutions needed to avert the global environmental crisis. We will organise into international working groups tackling specific areas. For example; the economics of transition, food and water security, best practice flood defense, drought management systems, open source technology, public policy and high-level engineering to solve the big challenges.


Please get in touch if you are interested in joining, or sign up to our newsletter.


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We cannot be radical enough in dealing with this issue
David Attenborough, July 2019 newsletter

Founding Steering Committee

Prof Mark Maslin
, UCL, Professor of Climatology
Prof Jon Crowcroft, University of Cambridge/Turing Institute, Cambridge Computer Lab
Prof William J. Ripple, Distinguished Professor of Ecology at Oregon State University
Prof Joy Carter, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Winchester
Prof David Humphreys, Professor of Environmental Policy, Open University
Prof Paul Chatterton, Professor of Urban Futures in the School of Geography, University of Leeds
Dr James McKay,
University of Leeds

Dr Alison Green, Co-founder of Transition Lab.
Mr Richard Dent, Climate and environmental campaign consultant, media producer, Co-founder of Transition Lab.

Contact information

Mr Richard Dent: Co-director, communications strategy

Dr Alison Green: Co-director, Academic outreach, curriculum development