Sign our open letter to UK Vice Chancellor’s, UUK and UKRI on taking action on climate and ecological restoration. Signed: 1055.

Scientists taking the lead on climate action.

We are a new initiative for scientists, academics, and industry experts to lead a major scaling up of action on climate change mitigation, adaptation and ecological restoration.

Academics taking fellowships, placements and sabbaticals with industry to make them carbon neutral or negative.
Working with local government and on the ground conservation charities on climate mitigation and adaptation.
Research and development of patent-free cleantech.
Student volunteering for ecological restoration and renewable projects.

Sign our open letter here and get involved.

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What we doing


Lobbying UK universities, UUK and UKRI to support academics and students to become volunteers for climate mitigation, adaptation and ecological restoration. Read our open letter. Watch this space for our new site which will launch a new website for the world's academics to join the action.

Creating climate action 101 modules

Part of our work will include partnering with academics and student groups to design modules that address any of the problems we face due to climate change and ecological breakdown.

This could mean students could take modules that are action based, from basic level planting trees to engineering students designing solar grids for student housing. There is so much we can do that empowers young people for an uncertain future.

Scaling up mitigation, adaptation and restoration's goal is to help scale up the response to climate change and our damaged ecosystems. This means creating opportunities to add to the work of governments and private sector.

We are building a database system to help make it easier for anyone to get involved in the largest project in the world - repairing our planet for future generations.

“We cannot be radical enough in dealing with these issues"

Sir David Attenborough