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Our mission

We aspire to the inspiration for the creation of projects such as CERN:​

Visionary scientists identified the need for a world-class physics research facility that today unites scientists from around the world.”

We need this scale of cooperation and further. To begin with we need the same level of expertise that led to the construction of the Hadron collider and the ISS. We understand this is a significant undertaking that will be costly. We aim to remain as independent as possible, sourcing funds from The Giving Pledge members, foundations, benefactors and also crowdfunding for local projects which share our values.

Aside from organising scientists, engineers and volunteers to restore ecological balance, we aim for our in-house outputs to be open source and patent free. We also aim to be politically neutral. We are open to working with governments, but we will not be lobbying government like traditional environmental NGOs.

Our plans

Phase 1: Immediate objectives

  • Lobby Universities UK to support academics wishing to take action (Placements, sabbaticals, paid leave) within various sectors such as: renewable energy, ecological restoration, climate change adaptation and NGOs.

  • Fellowship and sabbatical programs beginning with scientists, economists and engineers to work directly with companies working on climate change mitigation and ecological restoration.

  • Create call for action letters across the world with our new upcoming site academicstakeaction.com.

  • Build economic and sociological models to incorporate mass voluntary efforts into national government policy or in the absense of adequate policy.

  • Create core working groups to help create pilot schemes within various universities.

Phase 2: Medium term objectives

  • Develop and deploy match making database system to link academics to green projects. Starting with pilot universities in UK and then expanding globally.

  • Develop Education Fit for the Future program. Building on our expertise in higher education, Transition Lab seeks to work with higher education bodies, such as the Quality Assurance Agency, Office for Students and professional and statutory regulatory bodies (PSRBs) to facilitate the evolution of curriculum and qualifications that will be fit for the future.

  • Help develop various economic and sociological models for mass scaling for renewable energy (e.g. super-grid construction, battery technology, onshore wind).

  • Build partnerships with student voluntary efforts like SOS-UK, and voluntary citizen services around the world for transition and adaptation (Flood defense, placement schemes within renewable sector).

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