Our projects

Lobbying universities, UUK and UKRI to support academics and students to become volunteers for climate mitigation, adaptation and ecological restoration.

This November we will deliver an open letter to Universities UK, and every Vice-chancellor in the UK, to ask them to support academics who wish to take paid sabbaticals or fellowships with companies. Scientists could work with NGOs working directly in the field from solar installation to ecological restoration to adaptation for towns and cities.

We also wish to lobby universities to give credit to students who conduct a meaningful internship over a term; from tree planting for first years, to installing solar for PhD engineering students.

Creating climate action modules for students

Part of our work will include partnering with academics and student groups to design modules that address any of the problems we face due to climate change and ecological breakdown.This could mean students could take modules that are action based, from basic level planting trees to engineering students designing solar grids for student housing. There is so much we can do that empowers young people for an uncertain future.

Academics Take Action

Shortly we will be launching a new site called AcademicsTakeAction.com which will be our own petition site where we will translate our call for action letter for all of the world's academics to sign. Also they can sign up to join the Lab's action projects coming in Q2 2020.

If you are interested in helping, please email us at: info@transitionlab.earth

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