Our values

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    Our foremost value is “actions, not words”. Our focus is on supporting projects that have clear objectives to make real world changes. We see ourselves as “makers and doers”. We will be conducting some research for open access, but our focus is to help create direct opportunities to address the climate and ecological emergency, not proposing solutions to governments and governance bodies.

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    Our primary aim is to scale up solutions, supporting government policy but also acting on our own initiative. To that end, we value blue sky thinking and big thinking. Got an idea to motivate millions of people to volunteer to build flood defenses, install solar or plant trees? Or something small that, if scaled up, would make a major impact? Get in touch.

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    Transition Lab is politically and ideologically neutral as an organisation. We are not aligned with any political party or political ideology. As such, we do not follow any economic ideological framework. Our focus is on evidence-based science.

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    We don't think the major changes can happen without everyone working together. Therefore we will work with anyone, including energy companies & heavy industry, who wish to genuinely change. No judgement, no blaming and we have no tolerance of blaming culture within TransitionLab.earth.

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    Transition Lab seeks gender parity in all aspects of our work and organisation. Transition Lab is open to all ages from 16 and above and we actively encourage young people to get involved with the Lab.

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    Transition Lab is actively inclusive of all people.

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    Transition Lab believes that classical meritocracy is overrated and prone to missing unique aspects of an individual or an idea that could become a valuable contribution. We are aiming for our internal policies to promote and include people and projects that come from anywhere in the world, with any level of experience or qualification.

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    Transition Lab aim to partner with organisations and groups who share our values.

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    We will only accept funding from foundations, corporations, governments, and individuals that respect our values.

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